April 23, 2013 :: Planned MySQL maintenance on Supercell

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On Tuesday, April 23 at 5am EST, we will be doing required MySQL maintenance on server "Supercell."

This maintenance will require MySQL services to be stopped for approx 30-40 minutes.  Worst-case, we may be looking up to an hour though I don't expect it to take that long.

Any sites or scripts on Supercell that use MySQL databases for functionality will experience an outage during this time.

I will be emailing an alert through our Client Area to all customers with accounts on this server within the next 5-10 minutes.

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#1 - April 21, 2013, 10:39:58 AM

This maintenance started about 45 minutes after scheduled (approx 5:45am) but should be wrapping up shortly.

I will update this thread once complete.

#2 - April 23, 2013, 06:13:49 AM

The maintenance is complete.  I've checked through most sites on the server and everything looks good.

If you're having any issues, please let me know.

#3 - April 23, 2013, 06:36:46 AM


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