July 1, 2014 :: MySQL maintenance on server Avalanche

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We will be performing MySQL maintenance on server Avalanche beginning at approximately 5am Eastern (4am Central) on Tuesday, July 1, 2014.

The maintenance will involve two MySQL service restarts over the course of approximately 30-45 minutes (quite possibly less).  Each restart may involve up to 5 minutes of MySQL downtime.

The service restarts are limited to MySQL and will not impact standard html/php pages, email, cPanel access, etc. 

I will post an update here once complete.


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Apologies for not updating this thread.  The first half of this was completed as schedule.  The outage from the initial change should've only lasted several minutes at most.

At this time the second restart referenced may not be required. 

I'm going to mark this thread completed at this time.

Thank you
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