Oct 1, 2014 :: Scheduled reboots; Multiple Servers

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I just received notification from one of our datacenters that they will be upgrading a component of the software infrastructure that runs many of our servers.  Their maintenance is scheduled to occur over the next 72 hoursUpdate:  The maintenance is scheduled for October 1 between 1am - 8am Eastern.  As they complete their upgrades, they will be rebooting our servers listed below. 


Each reboot should typically take 5-10 minutes to complete.  Worst case, it may be closer to 30 if a file system check becomes required.

I will update this thread if I hear further details or anything more specific around exact times.

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Update:  We received notice just now that these reboots should occur overnight tonight -- starting approximately around 1am to conclude by 8am Eastern, October 1, 2014.

Update:  Marking complete.
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Update as of 2:45am Eastern:

Blackice and Sandstorm have completed.

Avalanche is in progress.  It's been down approx 30 minutes -- I have the datacenter looking into it now.
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Avalanche is now complete.

4 servers remain.
#3 - October 01, 2014, 03:11:21 AM

Wildfire and Thundersnow are complete.

2 servers remain.
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Deluge is the last server still pending a reboot.  Once it's complete (at some point within the next four hours), all servers impacted by today's scheduled maintenance will be complete.
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