December 5, 2014 :: Scheduled maintenance for Wildfire (2 outages)

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Server "Wildfire" has one drive in its configuration that needs replacement.  Instead of an extended outage while this is completed, the datacenter will be doing a migration of this instance to a different parent server.  Due to the nature of this issue, we're going to schedule this for overnight tonight vs. scheduling it with more advanced notice.

This will occur just after midnight (Eastern timezone) tonight -- so shortly into Friday, December 5, 2014.

From a previous post regarding this type of maintenance:
We've had to do this in the past on a few of our other servers.  It's a normal process they do when they need to upgrade or perform (non-emergency) maintenance on a parent.  This involves an initial brief outage (usually around 15 minutes) and then the server is back up and online while data transfers in the background to the new parent.  The transfer can take anywhere from a few hours to 10+.  During this time there's typically no performance issue experienced and sites will be online.  When the transfer is complete, a second outage occurs to sync up and finalize the move.

I will be sending an email notification to all customers with active accounts on Wildfire within the next 15 minutes. 

I will also post this on our Server Status page.

If you have any questions, please post them here.

Thank you,

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Thanks so much for alerting us, Jason. We've been hosted by Charlottezweb for many years and you are always informative and quick to solve any issues that come up.

Great business model~!

All the best, CountryLady
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Chance favors the prepared. Come join us at OurCountryHaven.

Thank you -- I appreciate it!  :)
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Thanks so much for alerting us, Jason. We've been hosted by Charlottezweb for many years and you are always informative and quick to solve any issues that come up.

Same goes for me to ;).  You do a grand job Jason.

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Thank you.

As an update, I'm waiting on confirmation but I believe Wildfire is currently completing the second outage of this process.  It's taking quite longer than normal for this step compared with past experiences.  I'm waiting for a status update now.
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A quick update to let you know they are investigating this presently.  I will update you once I know more.
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The server is performing a file system check (fsck) which is the final step of the move.  I'm still collecting details now as to when the fsck started to get a better idea of why this has taken this long however the positive news at this time is that it's nearing completion.  I'll continue to monitor.
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Wildfire is back online as of approx 10 minutes ago.  Thank you for your patience during the final phase of the migration. 

A file system check doesn't always get initiated but when the server detects the need to do so, it can add on significant time to the process as it goes through and validates all files.

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Hi Jason, my site is still down with this error - which has happened before.

Table './weenie_wcforum/yabbse_log_online' is marked as crashed and should be repaired
File: /home/weenie/public_html/yabbse/Sources/Subs.php
Line: 2732

Does CPanel have a repair, or do I go through phpmyadmin?

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Never mind - I got it!
#10 - December 05, 2014, 11:42:08 AM

Our posts crossed.  :)  I just ran it again a moment ago as well.

To your question, it should be an option on both the MySQL page as well as in PHPMyAdmin.

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