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2checkout is now Verifone

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Posted by on November 21, 2021 in |

In addition to PayPal and mailed checks, Charlottezweb has used a company called “2checkout” ( for over 15 years for facilitating credit card payments.  If you place an order on our site and select credit card (instead of PayPal or a mailed check), the checkout process involves 2checkout handling your payment.

In 2020, a company called “Verifone” ( acquired  Over the past year+ they have been working to merge their systems under the parent company Verifone.

No changes are required for Charlottezweb customers. This post is to share awareness in the event you notice new branding and company names on emails from 2checkout starting in January 2022.

Below is part of an email from 2Checkout/Verifone with additional information:

“As part of this transition process to Verifone Branding, we have decided to change the Legal Company name. On January 1st, 2022, Avangate BV dba 2Checkout will become Verifone Payments BV dba 2Checkout.

This update will be a seamless backend change – some of the elements that will be updated are:

Overall: any previous mention of “Avangate BV dba 2Checkout” will be replaced with “Verifone Payments BV dba 2Checkout”

Terms & Conditions and Policies – will replace all terms and conditions and policies verbiage “Avangate BV dba 2Checkout” to “Verifone Payments BV dba 2Checkout”

Control Panel Legal Company Mentions – will be replaced with “Verifone Payments BV dba 2Checkout”

Email Senders (emails we send to you) – we will replace in email verbiage “Avangate BV dba 2Checkout” to “Verifone Payments BV dba 2Checkout”

Contracts – will be updated with the new legal name (“Verifone Payments BV dba 2Checkout”), everything else will remain the same.

Knowledge Center – has moved to a new link

Emails (emails we send both to merchants and shoppers) – any reference of “Avangate BV dba 2Checkout” will be replaced with “Verifone Payments BV dba 2Checkout”

Invoices – “Verifone Payments BV dba 2Checkout” will appear on all invoices.”

As one of our payment processors in addition to PayPal, your payment information is managed by 2checkout, now Verifone.  Charlottezweb purposely does not have access to your billing information (including your credit card) and does not have the ability to charge you directly.  This is to protect you as the customer and Charlottezweb as the service provider.  No billing information is stored on where myself or others can access it.

For awareness, PayPal also accepts credit cards.  Using PayPal or 2Checkout (now Verifone) are two different choices in the checkout or invoice payment process on  Customers are free to select the one they prefer.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.