Advanced Spam Filtering

Postlayer Spam Filtering

All Charlottezweb hosting accounts include SPAM filtering services that work very well for 90%+ of our customers at no extra cost.

If you receive significant amounts of spam and would like a more robust, third-party solution with lots of options Charlottezweb is proud to offer filtering by Postlayer.

The cost of this upgrade is $5 per year per mailbox.

At a high level, Charlottezweb will configure your email to flow through Postlayer's filtering service first before hitting your mailbox. They will allow genuine email to reach your account while they delete or quarantine (based on your preference) anything else. The way this works requires all of your email to go through them so it's not possible to have some accounts setup with this service while others are not. In other words, all mailboxes you setup will need to have Postlayer service if you want to go this route.

Please contact us if you'd like to discuss options. We've had FANTASTIC feedback from clients who have been configured this way in the past year.