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Server Status

The current status of our servers is below:

Server Name Web Services Server Load* Uptime
Charlottezweb utilizes third-party monitoring by Pingdom which is publicly available on our Pingdom site.

Pingdom tests connectivity to all of our servers from global monitoring stations every 1 minute meaning there's no doubt about your site's uptime.

*Server Load: Server load is a measure of the amount of computational work that a computer system performs. A general rule of thumb is that a server can safely support a load of 1 per core. Our servers have a minimum of 6 cores. Our newer servers have 16 cores. It is possible that load spikes may occur throughout the day as resource-intensive processes run. Wikipedia Reference
Server Migration for Lightning (April 11, 2024) (Scheduled) Medium

Affecting Server - Lightning

  • 04/11/2024 19:00 - 04/12/2024 23:59
  • Last Updated 04/11/2024 21:02

Update #3 -- 9pm Eastern
The official cutover process is complete.  If you're facing any issues with your site or have questions, please open a ticket and we'll respond asap.

Thank you!


Update #2 -- 8:10pm Eastern
The cutover is complete.  I'm going through and updating some settings but the data migration is done, traffic is routing (temporarily) from the old to new server and DNS has been updated.  Sites are online (Pingdom captured the downtime at around 22 minutes).

If you have custom DNS on your domain you can update the old IP with the new one now per the email sent earlier today.  This only impacts a handful of customers who are not using Charlottezweb nameservers.


Update #1 -- 7:03pm Eastern
This process is starting now.  Sites may be come unavailable as communicated shortly.  I will keep this posting updated as I have news to share.


On Thursday, April 11, 2024 at approximately 7pm Eastern (New York), our server "Lightning" will be migrated to a new server. 

There will be a period of downtime to sites and email hosted on Lightning during this scheduled activity.

This posting is following an email sent to impacted clients on April 8th with more information.  This post will be updated before, during and after the migration process on April 11.  Please refer to this page for live updates if you are interested.