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CSS Problem

Started by Garrett, June 19, 2012, 05:06:05 PM

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I am building a website for a customer, and I've built the background using CSS. There are two backgrounds. The main is black, and the "subbackground" is a yellow, which I called "vintage-white" since the customer wants the page to look as if it's from the 1960's or 70's.

Problem is: I don't know how to put the text on top of the yellow. I don't know how to "layer" it, so I can't overlay any text or pictures until then. Please help.

I will also be recording a Interview with him talking about him, he's a solo guitarist.  How can I have the video show up on the "Who am I" page (nav. links will be added tomorrow when I learn how to overlay the text correctly.) in a player?

Any help is appreciated! Thank You in advance.
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Looks like you figured out the text piece?

I'd recommend starting some research on google for the video.  Pretty much anything out there today can be done tons of different ways with different ones being advantageous/disadvantageous depending on your needs and application.    For example, maybe you upload it to youtube or vimeo and embed that on your page.

If you have urgent design needs, you may be better suited posting them on a forum for developers/designers.  There would be a lot more people there doing the exact same things who could point you in the right direction.   8)

Good luck!