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Started by Jason, June 15, 2004, 11:13:48 PM

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This is a very basic article from a WebProNews email I received this past week.  It covers some good points and has a few helpful links.  I claim no credit for this article, I am merely reproducing it with all proper credits listed where originally provided.

WebProNews Insider Report
By Mark Klein
Guest Author

What do you need to get top rankings on Google? What's the secret sauce of success? There are many ingredients in the mix, but here are three of the most important that you need to concentrate on:

1) Keyword relevant copy and content-

What ever the keywords you want to get found under, be sure that you have enough copy and content about those specific words which would give Google a reason to rank you in the first place.

If for example, one of you priority keywords is "computer training software," create a separate page or section for this keyword (at least a few paragraphs)using the keyword in the headline, the first sentence, the last sentence as well as wherever it makes logical sense in order to achieve the keyword frequency and "density" that search engines are looking for.

Additionally, by including on this specific keyword page either articles, pdf files or news items about your keyword, will help you improve your chances of a better ranking. Give Google a reason to rank you at the top.

He with the most relevant copy wins ...so make it rich and deep.

2) Can the search engines read and "crawl" all the pages and content on your site?

Probably the biggest surprise to most marketers is that the search engines are unable to either navigate or read most of the content on their website.

If they can't read your copy, then it's not surprising that you're not getting the rankings or traffic to your website that you aspire to.

As search engines basically read html, sites which are either "dynamic" or created in other formats such as cold fusion, asp or php often can't be read by the search engines. Even if they can read the content on your site, they often can't navigate it properly or just bounce "off the walls" as there are no specific links or site map on the site to tell the proper sequence or where to go next.

Want to see what Google is indexing on your website? Go to http://www.gritechnologies.com/tools/spider.go and type in your website url and see how many of your pages are being seen by Google.

3) Links..why they are so important

Link popularity is one of the most important factors search engines use in determining where you will place in the search engine for your keywords, and phrases, as it helps them to determine how important or popular your site is.

In essence the search engines are saying "we're going to give top ranking to sites that have a lot of other important and relevant sites linking o them."

Link Building is the process of finding related/relevant websites and placing a link to those websites on yours then asking them to link back to you. Link building is done through link exchanges or reciprocal links; the process by where both websites link to each other and bring mutual benefit to each site.

How many links do you need to have? It depends on the individual product category you compete in and how many links your major competitors with the top rankings have.

Linking is critical not only with your search engine placement but it helps stabilize you positions in the search engines.