Anyone tried Nvu?

Started by Jason, February 21, 2008, 08:50:32 AM

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Anyone tried this open-source wysiwyg web editor?

Looks interesting.


I'm already so used to using Dreamweaver that my mind would explode trying to use something else. :P

Looks good though, and free to boot. :D


I haven't used DW in literally close to 10 years.  Does it allow for on-the-server editing or is it still setup for synchronizing local updates to the server?


It's still setup for synchronizing pages. Sorry for the delayed reply. :P

weekend camper

Notepad, ftp and many backups are all you need Jason!!   :P

Did you like Nvu?


Can't think of why, but I never tried it.

I need to one of these days :)


You know Jason,

I keep forgetting about that and I did dl it too.

QuoteNotepad, ftp and many backups are all you need Jason!!

Thats easy for you to say WC, some of us can't hard code lololol It all I can do to use DW.

KP, If I ever get any members at the DW forum your the Moderator ok.. ;D
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