NewsGator Acquires FeedDemon, TopStyle

Started by Mark, June 21, 2005, 03:11:42 PM

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Anyone use these programs?

I know this is OLD NEWS but it seems that companies are aquireing other companies left and right (biggest so far this year is the Adobe/Macromedia merger :o). I use TopStyle for almost everything I make and FeedDemon is just fun to use :P, but after looking at the NewsGator website and pricing I'm going to be angry if the pricing changes. Nick has said that current FeedDemon and TopStyle users will get a 2 year subscription, but after that we have to pay the yearly price to use it instead of just keeping our current version for as long as we'd like. And even though Nick says they are commited to keeping TopStyle alive aswell (NewsGator is mainly about RSS programs), I don't see anything on the NewsGator site about it!!! :(


Interesting.  I've never even heard of those apps, but I'm going to book mark them now:

I too am curious to see what happens to Macromedia.  I use several of their products.  I hope they don't end up buried somewhere in corporate confusion.