Charlottezweb Site Redesign/Launch - December 2019

Started by Jason, December 16, 2019, 03:09:42 PM

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Season's Greetings from Charlottezweb!

Below is an email sent a few days back to all clients:

QuoteGreetings from Charlottezweb -- I hope you've had a fantastic year!

I've sent a few updates in 2019 and mentioned that I was working on our new site redesign.  Clearly I'm WAY behind -- It's been a busy year!

I will be focusing on this over the weekend and next week. 

The new site will be launched as early as Sunday or as late as Wednesday.  It depends on some customizations and testing I need to complete. 

How will this work and what does it mean?

First off, this will not impact your websites.  Your hosting accounts, email, access to cPanel, etc are unrelated and will not be impacted. If you use your Client Area to launch cPanel, there will be an impact (see below) but you can always access your cPanel directly by using:  (format for your own domain name)

There will be a period where I will need a few hours to move files around to make the new site live.  During this time, your Client Area may be unavailable.  I will post the timing for this to our Status Page but it will likely occur on this coming Sunday or Monday.

Please note - The site will NOT be 100% polished on go-live.  I expect to continue improving it in terms of content and cosmetics over the coming weeks.

The important part is ensuring you can login to your Client Area to manage your sites, billing, support, etc.  The hope is that this is not obstructive but email me if that's not the case.

As always, you can get support by:

1. Opening a ticket in your Client Area:

2. Emailing our ticketing system from your Client Area email address which will automatically open a ticket:   (Please note: .NET)

3. Or if the Client Area is offline, please email me directly: / /

I can appreciate this can be a disruptive event but please be assured:

1. Your hosting services (website, email, etc) are not connected/impacted by my website redesign.  You can still reach your cPanel throughout all of this by using:

2. If you need assistance, I'm here for you. Contact me per the mailboxes above.

As I've said before, the site redesign is way overdue and I'm excited about the new format.  It just may take me a few weeks to get everything settled. 

I'd LOVE your feedback on what you do/don't like, how I can improve it, etc.

On an unrelated note:  If you're looking for a last minute gift idea for anyone in your life (or maybe yourself), here's a coupon code for 20% off of any NEW hosting package.  It will work for the lifetime of that specific account:


As a bit of an update, the cutover will be happening either tomorrow (Tuesday, Dec 17) or Wednesday (Dec 18).

I will update our Status Site and keep this thread current in case anyone has any questions.



Quick update on Tuesday afternoon (3pm New York Time).

The following email was just sent to all customers:

Quote from: undefinedGreetings from Charlottezweb --
I wanted to send a reminder that unless I encounter anything unexpected, our new site redesign will be launched at some point over the next 36 hours.
Please refer to this post if needed:
Quick notes:
• If you need a direct link to your Client Area while the public site is undergoing maintenance, please visit:
• If you need to access your cPanel to manage your hosting account, please visit:  (You can also launch cPanel from within your Client Area linked above).
• If you need support, please reply to this message.
As mentioned, this maintenance is only on's public-facing website and does not impact your individual hosting accounts.

When I'm doing the switchover, I will have a maintenance page posted on the site.



The site is now live.  The following email has been sent about 10 minutes back to all customers:

Quote from: undefinedA quick note to advise that the new site is now live.
Please note:
1. I have a good bit of tweaking to do so it's not perfect yet.  The good news is that I can do it in real-time without impacting anything.
2. If you find any issues, please email me directly so I can tackle.
3. If you'd like to be added to the Testimonials page, please contact me.
4. The Client Area is now integrated into our site so the overall experience should be much better for all of us.  This is my favorite thing about the new design.
I'd love to hear your feedback.  Feel free to email me directly or post on our forum thread here: