December 30, 2015 -- Firewall unblock utility added to Client Area

Started by Jason, December 30, 2015, 07:17:15 PM

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I'm very excited to introduce a new feature that automates a function that historically was manual. 

Our servers utilize firewalls that will block connections (IP Addresses) for various reasons.  For example: 

  • Failed cPanel login attempts
  • Failed POP/SMTP/IMAP (email) login attempts
  • Failed FTP and/or Shell login attempts
  • Repeat ModSecurity triggers

These firewalls are a very important part of keeping our servers and network secure however sometimes customers get blocked by accident.  This happens, for example, at times when setting up new mailboxes, changing passwords, etc.

Historically, this would require a support ticket (or email) with your IP address for us to check the firewall and unblock you.

As of tonight, we've setup a new option in your Client Area that will allow you to unblock yourself directly.

If you are logged into your Client Area, there is a new menu option under "Support" called "Unblock IP Address."

If you go here, it should pre-populate the IP address of the machine you are currently connected from.  If you are logged into your Client Area from a different machine/network than the one that is currently blocked, please visit the following address from the blocked machine:

That site will display the IP address of the machine visiting it.

You can plug that in to the Unblock tool and it will search any servers that you have active accounts on and it will unblock you.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  I think this will be a fantastic self-service tool (vs. waiting on a support ticket) when needed.

A sample screenshot is below.