October 1, 2016 :: Lightning server upgrade

Started by Jason, September 29, 2016, 04:26:07 PM

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The following email is going to be emailed to all customers on server Lightning within the next 15 minutes.

Greetings from Charlottezweb,

This email is going to customers on our newest server:  Lightning. 

This server has been performing incredibly since we launched it several weeks back.  We've moved many accounts over the last month+ and the server barely ever exceeds a load of 1.0.  At peak, it's approached 1.5 a few times and in computer speak, that's pretty incredible.

I'm going to be resizing ("upgrading") the storage space on this server this weekend.  This upgrade will ensure plenty of space to grow over the coming years as needed.

No action is required on your part if you've already migrated to this server.

The resize consists of a few stages:

1. There is a brief outage of all services that typically is in the range of 5-15 minutes.
2. After that, the server runs as normal while files are transferred to the newer configuration behind the scenes.
3. Once that's complete, there's a second outage (longer in duration) where any files that have changed since step 1 are re-synced and the server is restarted.  Given that Lightning is a powerful server on fast SSD hard drives already, this shouldn't take as long as some of our past upgrades though to be safe, it could be as long as 1-2 hours.  I'm hoping it's closer to 30 minutes or less.

As of now, I'm going to target early morning Saturday, October 1 (New York timezone) to initiate this upgrade.  If all goes well, it should be complete in under a few hours.

If you have any questions, please open a ticket, reply in this thread, or email me directly.

Thank you!



The upgrade process has begun for this server.  I will update this post once completed.


The upgrade of Lightning has completed.   Downtime during the restarts was monitored by Pingdom at approximately 1 minute.

Thank you,