October 18, 2016 :: Vortex PHP Upgrade

Started by Jason, October 17, 2016, 09:17:39 PM

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I'll be emailing a notice to customers on Vortex within the next 15 minutes:

We're going to pilot a new PHP configuration on Vortex that allows customers to select their version of PHP within cPanel as well as control some of their own settings (php.ini) much more easily than has been the case in the past.

We're going to configure this tomorrow (Tuesday, October 18, 2016) morning around 5am Eastern.

At worst, there may be 5-10 minutes of service disruption although recent experience on our servers has been 1-2 minutes or less based upon the power of our hardware.

Once implemented, we'll do some initial testing and I'll be able to reply with additional details.

Thank you,


This upgrade was completed this morning.  There were a few variables we had to adjust afterwards that were causing some pages to clock but that was addressed quickly.

I'll be looking into the configuration a bit more later but for now, there are two new icons you may notice in cPanel under the "Software" category of icons:

1. MultiPHP Manager.  This icon lets you select the version of PHP you want to use by domain on your account.  (We've set everyone to 5.6 by default which is the version we were running as of installing this today).

2. MultiPHP INI Editor.  This can be used to manage custom php.ini files going forward if you've used them in the past.  If you go under the "Basic mode" tab -- it has many of the common php variables that we see requests to edit.  This should make the php.ini process much easier going forward when you need to adjust things on the fly.

If you have any questions, please let me know.