Imunify360 added to all servers - June 2017

Started by Jason, June 11, 2017, 04:55:02 PM

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June 2017:  Charlottezweb announces Imunify360 deployment.

I'm pleased to announce that Charlottezweb has now deployed Imunify360 to all our shared servers.

I will create a new page on our site as part of our website relaunch in the next 1-2 months with full details but if you're interested now, please visit their site to read full details:




I wanted to clarify a few points as I've had customers reach out with questions today.  :)

We run ModSecurity on all of our servers and have had that in place for at least 1-2 years.  

Imunify360 uses ModSecurity for a *part* of what it does but it works on top of it.  For example, if ModSecurity blocks a function on your site that it thinks is suspicious, Imunify360 may display a warning message and/or an option to unblock yourself.  This isn't Imunify360 blocking you, it's ModSecurity.

That being said, I think Imunify360 (or perhaps ModSec) is driving a more agressive set of security rules.  I've had to whitelist a lot of rules in the past few days that weren't an issue previously.

If you experience any errors in your website that you didn't have before (for example, updating your site via WordPress), please reach out to me.

I appreciate your patience as we try to optimize this solution.  I know it's frustrating when things don't work as expected but I'm hopeful that the security provided by these solutions will outweigh the issues we may see upfront.