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Started by Jason, July 20, 2005, 04:46:16 PM

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As of December 2011, Charlottezweb has changed from using Alertra's reports posted on this forum to an interactive service by Pingdom where you can view any report needed on demand.

Please see the second post in this thread for further details.   


Original Post:

This board was created back when I signed up in April (2005) with Alertra for server monitoring.  At that time I wanted a service that would sms and call my cell anytime our servers experienced an issue.  I used several other reporting services prior, but Alertra won because of their ability to email, page, sms, call, etc.   

--Cick here for more information on our monitoring--

One of their perks is that they publish weekly reports of the prior week's performance and I started posting each of those in a thread for tracking.

I decided to make this public now so that all uptime is available and documented for anyone to view and comment on.

In case it's not clear, the thread titles are setup as follows:

12/19/2005 to 12/25/2005 (99.96%, 100% all others)

blue= week monitored
red= percentage uptime of servers listed in order of any with reported outages, and 100% all others.  Please view the details in the post to determine which particular server(s) had outages.


edit: Dec 2008:  Changed percentages to list any servers with outages and then all others as 100%.  There are too many servers to list individually in the topic titles now.  Please view each week's report individually if you wish to know which specific server(s) were impacted.



Starting December 2011 --

Charlottezweb is now utilizing Pingdom for our uptime reporting. 

Some advantages to the new system:

- You can interactively view current and historical uptime stats for any server.
- Servers are monitored every 1 minute instead of every 5 minutes meaning it will be more accurate in terms of any disruptions.

The URL for this site is: