May 3, 2017 -- WordFence Premium licenses now available at 35% off

Started by Jason, May 03, 2017, 09:36:31 PM

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If you use WordPress ( for your website(s), a fantastic plugin is available called WordFence.  (

There is a Free version of this plugin that I have been recommending to customers for probably close to two years that I personally install on all WordPress sites that I manage or build myself.  It's a FANTASTIC tool that I think ALL WordPress admins should consider as part of their overall security planning.  (I also suggest subscribing to their blog/email list as they send important security news usually once a week that I think is very valuable).

They offer a paid "Premium" version that adds additional features that is $99/year for a single license/site.

They offer bulk discounting and I've opted to start purchasing these licenses and reselling them to offer my customers their Premium features at 35% off the public 1-year pricing if you were to order directly from them.

If you are a Charlottezweb hosting customer, I can offer $65/year for a WordFence Premium license key vs. you paying them $99 for the same key.

What's the catch?
This makes Charlottezweb a reseller of their product.  You won't have direct access to their support however you can raise any issues through Charlottezweb (as you do today) and if it can't be resolved in that approach, I'll open a ticket directly with them on your behalf.

Other than that, there's no catch. :)

For now, I'm extending this offer to customers with hosting accounts.  By this, I mean that I'm not currently going to offer this for purchase without an existing or new hosting purchase.  This is to prevent new customers from purchasing only this key through Charlottezweb and nothing else.  In that scenario, they should go directly to WordFence.  This may be an approach I change later but for now my goal is to pass along bulk-pricing benefits to Charlottezweb customers because I think this is a solution that's well worth the money and bulk-ordering allows me to pass along pricing discounts as a value-add to my customers.  At the end of the day, this tool protects my customer's sites individually which also protects my servers -- It's a win/win for all of us.

What's better about Premium than their Free version?
Again, their Free version is great and I highly recommend using it, especially if you're not already using any WP security plugins.

If you go to the following page, there is a "Compare Our Plans" button that will display a table that compares the differences.

To save you time, here are the additional Premium features not included with the Free version.

  • Real-Time Threat Defense Feed
  • Country Blocking
  • Check if Site IP is Generating Spam
  • Check if Site is Spamvertized
  • Remote Scans
  • Cell Phone Sign In
  • Audit Existing Passwords
  • Advanced Comment Spam Filter

How Do I Order This?
This is not yet added to our shopping cart but that will likely happen this coming weekend.  Additionally, as part of the complete redesign of (coming in the next 1-2 months), there will be a page specifically dedicated to WordFence with additional information.  For now, if you'd like to take advantage of this, please email me or open a ticket and I'll update you asap.  I have licenses purchased that are ready to go!  :)

Also, if you have any questions, comments or feedback, please feel free to post them here.  As always, I love to hear directly from you on what ideas are good, bad, need improvement, etc.  :)



I'd like to add a few updates after playing around with this a bit today.

Several customers (including myself) have purchased/installed new WordFence Premium licenses today which is very exciting.  I'll keep adding to this post but here are a few initial thoughts:

1. The process itself is super simple.  If you're already using the free version of WordFence (which, again, I recommend all WordPress users should do at minimum), it's a matter of going to the WordFence Options page and replacing the "API Key" with the new premium key.  You save, refresh the page and then you're good to go with newly-activated Premium features.

2. I have added an item to our shopping cart (click here for a direct link) if you'd like to purchase this.  If you'd like to order in bulk or have questions, please contact me.  

3. As mentioned above, the Premium option enables "Cell Phone Sign In."  I'd like to expand on this for purposes of understanding.  What this feature does is enable you to require the addition of a single-use code sent to your phone on top of your password in order to login to your WordPress Admin area. This is something I am exploring for the Client Area of as well as an option you can enable.  This means that even if someone had your password due to some sort of virus, hack, or compromise, they wouldn't be able to login as you without physically having your phone where the codes get continuously updated every minute.  

I enabled this on one of my sites today via WordFence and it's great.  To be transparent however, this means that you'd have to have your cell phone with you and you'd need to install Google Authenticator (or a similar app) on your phone.  I already use this for logging into several sites/systems so this was a no-brainer for me but if you've never done this before, it may be something you want to think about.  Ultimately, it adds another layer of protection for you that's going to help keep your site even more secured if you opt to go that route.  All of this being said, there are free plugins from what I'm seeing that can integrate this into WordPress but this is one option that WordFence Premium offers built-in without needing to configure anything.  It also offers the ability to set it up on a user-by-user basis if you so choose.

More details to come as I keep exploring the Premium options.  So far they look great.