printing, etching, stitching, et onto shirts, hats, keychains, anything at all

Started by DVR, March 01, 2006, 08:29:31 PM

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jason - or anyone with their own site or log, etc for that matter,

i have the ability to get your design/logs put onto any type of object you need at all. i really do mean anything. its not inkject stuff like the cheapy companies do it its professional quality.

if you want some promotional shirts made for your web design clients or friends in the area, etc, or coffee mugs, keychains, womens tshirts, even stitched shirts or hats, etc then let me know.

all i would need is a logo file from you, and an idea of what type of object you wanted it printed on. i could get you a quote to see if its in your range and then get you a picture with the logo on it as well. if all that goes well then we can make a quick dozen or so items to test it and keep your cost small to make sure you like it. again - the sky is the limit. lazor etching, multi color printing, heat depressions, silk screening, whatever.

in fact, if you had the special items to print on then you can ship it to me and i can get it printed on. however, most items i can probably get cheaper then you. all depends. you know how that goes.

anyone interested let me know. id be glad to help ya out and help you support your site with cool stuff or for you and your friends.

restino [at]
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Thanks for the offer -- I actually might chat with you about it at some point.

I did a run of 48 tshirts (high-quality ones) about 4 years ago I think that were full color front and back.  I gave them out to local design clients and a few hosting clients.  I have a few left but considered doing something like that again sometime.

Or maybe some other sort of novelty -- mousepads maybe?

I may shoot you an email at some point if I decide to try that again.



no its not my work. its a contact that i have made and then became friends with. but maybe i should!  ;)

because of that i can get a much better price i believe. but you should be the judge of course imo. what i can do for free at the start is take your logo, find what items you want to put them on, have them mock up the image to start with and send you the picture and the quote with details.

ive toured the business which is facinating to see how this stuff works. anyway, he does business with businesses only and most tend to be high end clients because of his quality and technical skills. in fact he was telling me the other day that a company has hired him to setup their business for a specific type of printing technology (because they cant seem to do it) and he gets all the profit for the first year, and stock options and then %25 of the profit for ever on. wow! nice gig!

i was surpized to hear him say i can order an initial small set (whatever the smallest batch size is for each object i.e. 12 for shirts, etc). so i thought id pass this on. orders after that need to be a larger quanity, say 4-5 dozen for the shirts, instead of the initial 12 or 48, whatever you want to get to start with.

everything is free to start up until the quote. after that you know all your costs going into it. the thing to remember is that each product has an initial cost to create the 'object' to print/stamp the item. they have to make the screen or stamps or darkroom or lazerjet the imgage, whatever it is to create the logo. like for shirts it is $20 each color - they use a screen to apply it and its a one time cost - whenever you reorder then they already have that screen to use. again they dont just inkjet the shirt like the low cost companies do. but im thinking i can get the lower cost for you from what i can tell. of course that remains to be seen. i know fort sure its quality. ive seen many inhouse samples of his work. pretty neat. he does stuff for pro football and basketball, att, sbc, cox, production companies, new products hitting the market, all the way down to schools and local businesses. he tells me msot all of his clients come to him because they need somthing special, or they had problems with the other companys quality. then they stay with him.

when i see him again ill try to get some sites with products that you can imagine your logo/design going on. it helps the creativity process. most think of hats, cups, mousepads - but there really is no limit to what you can get and then print on it. and whats cool is the cost for the items is cheaper then what i can go down to the local walmart and get it for. at least thats what im seeing initially.

another thing to keep in mind is that he said there is high quality with name brands and high quality without the name, but same great quality. so if you dont care about the name - just the quaility then it can be cheaper too. depends on what you want.

tell ya what, send me a logo and an idea as to what items, colors of the items and ultimate quantity you would get in the long run (so he can provide me with a best price if you ever did order that many), and what size in inches you want it on the item and any details you are thinking and ill go speak to him about it. the more info to me the better. this way we can at least delve into it more at no cost. free is good - i like free :D

note: ive changed the email address just to make sure i can accept larger files:  restino [at]
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there are hundreds of places to get the items to print on.

hear are two sites with a huge majority of the things you might want to print on:

between those two you have tons of ideas. if you need something else, just ask. anything you can think of can be ordered from somewhere.
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Awesome.  Thanks for that.  I do need some shirts and other promotional items for a fishing tournament we are getting ready to put on.

I actually have the lead on the shirts from a local company who is friends with me.  $2.60 per t-shirt / One color, one side but he doesn't do key chains and the little things that people hold on to.

I will definitely keep you in mind.
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