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Started by Jason, November 02, 2010, 11:56:43 pm

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I have been building some music cd's for my sister for her wedding and I wanted to applaud a web-based company that has so far really impressed me:

I was able to use their "cd builder" interactive setup to create a cd image that was great.

1.  I was able to build it all on their site with no work on my own.
2.  I was able to edit my text, graphics, fonts, etc. all on their site.
3.  They allow small orders -- I ordered only 20 discs.

Bottom line, from what I've seen so far, the quality on these discs is amazing.  Beautifully printed discs, beautiful slim cases, etc.

Honestly, I am getting nothing from this.  I just love to see web-based ordering where an offering matches exactly what they advertise.  I think this company exceeds that from my purchase.

If you're looking for what they provide, I recommend them from my single experience.



Yeah, it's cool --

You can do a whole project from start to finish there and it will price what you want without human intervention.  It worked well for me.

Again, I have only one experience to comment on but it was very positive.


I saw that. I have no use for it at the moment, but I'll have to let some of my friends who make music know about this!


Good luck. The disc quality looks great.  Looks like a commercial cd in terms of the printing.