Firefox Version 4.1

Started by Garrett, May 04, 2011, 05:08:56 pm

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I don't know if there is a topic about this already, but Firefox Version 4.1 has been released. I downloaded it.

My SMF 2.0 RC5 Forum works better on Firefox than Internet Explorer, so if you have a Forum, I'd suggest downloading Firefox as it'll improve the quality of it.

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4.0.1 you mean?  :)

It's nice.  I've been running it since it was released.


I like how the Tabs are at the top. Its also more accessable. I used to have Internet Explorer 9 [the RC Version] but it kept messing up on my website as well as others, so I switched to Firefox.

I have a Article on my website about Changing to Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari to view my website better.

Here is the article:
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I see they are also increasing their development cycle (as they've mentioned a few months back I believe), there's already a 5.0 Beta 1.  :-X