World-wide virus attack info (Jan 26, 2003)

Started by Jason, January 26, 2003, 07:29:01 PM

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26th January 2003

You are probably aware of the very recent attack on the Internet infrastructure which made many sites unavailable for hours - you may have been following along on the various media websites that reported about this issue.

CNN still has coverage of this. Click -here- for the story.

Here's a brief overview of what happened:

Early yesterday morning it became clear that the Internet was being attacked by a Worm that uses vulnerabilities found in Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Huge amounts of traffic were sent against UDP port 1314 - much more traffic than the Internet backbones can handle. At it's peak, this resulted in the majority of the internet in Northern America being 'down', causing websites such as Google and Ebay to be down.

To this date, we haven't had any downtime associated with this issue, but I wanted to post this in case this attack grows larger in scale.



UPDATE Monday, Jan 27, 2003 --

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Experts fear Monday could bring new outbreaks of the fast-moving computer worm that snarled business and government computers Saturday, slowing some corporate systems to the point of inaccessibility.