How to update your hosts file to view your site

Started by Jason, June 21, 2019, 04:42:24 PM

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If you'd like to view your site on a remote server without adjusting your nameservers or changing your DNS, you can do that by editing your "hosts" file on your personal computer.  This allows you to override the internet and view a site on your local computer at a different location than where the site is currently loading from.

This is useful to test out your site in advance of changing your dns/nameservers.

Here's further background and instructions on how to do it:

Specific to our June 2019 server moves, here are the settings you'd want to use --

1.  If you are on server Thunderbolt (moving to Seabreeze), you'd add a line like this:

2.  If you are on server Landslide (moving to Tornado), you'd add a line like this:

Once you save that file, your browsers should resolve/point to the new servers. *This will impact all DNS from your computer which may mean your email will not be accessible from your live/actual server*

Remember to change your hosts file back (remove those entries) once you've completed your testing.