Support and Sales mailboxes for Charlottezweb -- Change on January 31, 2016

Started by Jason, January 31, 2016, 02:56:34 PM

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Effective today, our ticketing system will send and receive replies from the .net version of Charlottezweb instead of the .com.

sales@ ...
support@ ...

The .com addresses will still make it to me however they aren't integrated with your Client Area to where they will open and/or update tickets automatically.

What does this mean?
As of now, if you open a ticket in your Client Area or email one of the addresses above, our ticketing system will send ticket replies from those addresses.  If you reply back to the automated emails on ticket replies, our system will monitor those mailboxes and update your tickets accordingly.  The latter half of that process hasn't been working recently due to some mailbox changes with my .com configuration.

Emailing support@ ...  to auto-create a support ticket still requires you to send the email from the mailbox you have setup as your Client Area profile.  In other words, if your Client Area login uses "" -- that's the address you'd need to email the support@ ... mailbox from in order for the system to recognize you as a customer and open the ticket properly.

This change should be mostly invisible to 95+% of our customers but in the event you use whitelists or custom junk mail settings for your email, I would recommend adding these addresses to your mail configuration so they make it through.

Thank you!


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