What are Parked, Subdomains and Addon Domains?

Started by Jason, July 02, 2006, 10:50:08 PM

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Parked Domain:
A parked domain is just another web domain that points to your main account.   In other words, if you have yoursite.com and you want to purchase a second domain name that goes to your same account, you would set it up as a parked domain.  For example, Charlottezweb.com/net/org all come to the same address because they're all parked on the same spot.

A subdomain is simply a directory within your account that the server allows you to access in the format of subdomain.domain.com.

For example, you can reach the forums here via:  http://forums.charlottezweb.com.  It's the same as going to charlottezweb.com/forums.

Addon Domain:
An addon domain is a subdomain with the added feature that the subdomain is masked and displays via a separate web address.  In other words, an addon domain allows you to create what appears to be a separate website from your main account while in actuality, it's just a subdomain (folder) within your account space.  Addon domains function through your existing account so they do not have their own cpanel.

Example:  You could addon newsite.com to where it would display to a user as its own website when in fact, it's really coming from yoursite.com/newsite.