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Started by Jason, July 03, 2016, 08:22:52 pm

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July 03, 2016, 08:22:52 pm Last Edit: November 30, 2016, 07:59:43 pm by Jason
We've offered video tutorials for well over 10 years that cover common questions and tasks within cPanel.  Our "archive" page is available here for reference.

We're pleased to announce a new streaming service which allows us to offer MANY more tutorials to you effective immediately.

They can be viewed here: http://www.charlottezweb.com/clients/index.php?m=tutorial_viewer

At this moment, we have over 400 available including the following:  
(Note, this list may change as I may remove some of the "non-HD" ones as well as older topics over time):

Apple (Mac) Mail series (NOT-HD) 10
Configuring POP email accounts series (NOT-HD) 12
cPanel Paper Lantern Email series 17
cPanel Paper Lantern End User series 28
cPanel Paper Lantern MySQL series 11
cpanel x3 Email series 17
cPanel x3 End User series 28
cPanel x3 MySQL series 11
Creating Private Nameservers series 15
Direct Admin End User series (NOT-HD) 26
DotNetNuke series (NOT-HD) 21
Dream Mail series (NOT-HD) 8
Drupal series (NOT-HD) 14
Facebook series 11
FTP series (NOT-HD) 24
Gmail series (NOT-HD) 20
Horde email series (NOT-HD) 11
IncrediMail series (NOT-HD) 8
iPad Email series (NOT-HD) 8
iPhone Email series (NOT-HD) 8
Opera Mail series (NOT-HD) 8
Outlook 2010 Email series (NOT-HD) 8
Pegasus Mail series (NOT-HD) 8
PuTTY series (NOT-HD) 12
RoundCube email series 10
SmarterMail series 16
SquirrelMail series (NOT-HD) 10
Thunderbird Email series (NOT-HD) 8
Updating DNS series 17
Windows Live Mail series (NOT-HD) 8
WordPress series 12

The "HD" videos should look fantastic across all browsers, tablets, phones, etc and should have voice narration.   Some of the older ("NOT-HD") ones will be retired as they are replaced (as applicable) by newer versions.

There are a good number of new ones in development that will be added shortly.  You can expect them to be maintained and added regularly.

I'd love to hear your feedback on whether this is a worthwhile support option.  I'm hoping it helps many customers using step-by-step instructions.