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arcade games

Started by DVR, February 19, 2006, 10:59:18 am

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wow! for the first time i tried those great little arcade games. what fun! and lots are free it seems maybe with advertising. loved donkey kong! anybody know if thats the original game somehow? and how do they get permission to do that?

well, i was wondering about those games on sites you host. im thinking its just a file that gets downloaded as far as your severs is concerned. there is no other resources being taken for that right? its our cpu being used for the game im thinking.

i saw a thread before where you were looking into it. what did you find? is there any problems hosting a site with games on it? are the files huge and take a lot to handle?


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You'd probably be better off asking them in that thread since they have more experience with it.

But I assume it's more than just a download because it's storing the scores in the database -- thus it has to keep some kind of connection open which equals resources.


hi jason!

what thread do you mean? i saw you talking about it here. maybe you mean a thread on smf?

that also reminded me of their cool online 'store' where they bought things. did you see that? could lead to more user interaction. any ideas if thats a mod we add or a specialy created theme?

also, im guessing you didnt see a huge problem in dealing with arcade games on your site. thats good.
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A store would be a mod -- a theme is for the site layout.

I haven't received much feedback on the arcade yet, but so far so good.


I think the arcade feature is great.  Depending on how many games you have will determine how much space you will need.  They are all around 250 to 400k each in size with a few of them in the 1mb range.  You will probably need the bandwidth though to cover the games, especially if you have a lot.  I believe I have 106 games in total on my site.

I didn't want to bombard the server with everybody and their brother playing them so I made it available to only paid forum members.

I am somewhat of a retard when it comes to PHP coding.  Somewhat?  Who am I kidding.  I am a complete retard.  What I did was use some of my SMF resources to help me adjust all of the various .php files that needed to be changed.  It can't be done with the package manager at this time.  Mine works completely fine now though thanks to the help I received.

Go to and you can find out quite a bit there.
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