hosting mutliple sites one one plan while small

Started by DVR, February 19, 2006, 11:35:21 am

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This might help with the add-on:

Basically you just filll in the domain name, the folder (in public_html) you want it to create and the password you want to use for the ftp account that will be automatically created for that folder.

You could do it for free with a subdomain if you don't mind an address like  ""

Yes, you can install anything within the subdomain though I'm not 100% to what extent fantastico supports that.  You can certainly do it manually if nothing else.

In terms of cpanel, the subdomain doesn't have any impact.  A subdomain or add-on domain both work the same in terms of it creating a folder into which you have to place your files.

That help?

The Librarian

hmmm maybe lol

I created a subdomain, went into fantastico and created a new smf forum.  That seemed straightforward enough, however I have gone into the forum and it seems to have converted it to UTF which I really didnt want and didnt get the option to select, and also all the images on the defautlt theme are missing (but are in the theme folder) and I just have text links, not catbg, no new_some, no titlebg etc etc

If you install smf 1.1.2 now does it automatically give you a utf forum as that's just horrible?  :-\

also it's created the forum as smf2 and I'd rather it was called something different to avoid errors later

back to the drawing board...
The Librarian


I wouldn't recommend using Fantastico for what you're doing.  Install it manually and you can control all the variables.

As for the broken images and styles, you can fix that through the admin by adjusting the paths/directories or you can use repair_settings.php which is downloadable on SMF's site.  It sounds like the paths for some of your files were incorrectly setup by fantastico.

The Librarian

ok, thanks Jason.  I have uninstalled it and will start again at the weekend.  :D

have a good weekend!
The Librarian