Tap tap tap... Oh Hi! We are looking around for a new host....

Started by dherrin, January 05, 2007, 11:48:01 pm

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Hi all,
Love the name.
I ran across some really good comments about you guys on webhostingtalk forums.

We are an online gaming organization of old coots. (www.30plus.org and www.30plusracing.com)
Our web service is currently sitting on a dedicated box so we are a bit spoiled but are now looking around for a new host.

Rough specks:
We use about 8 Gig of Web space.  ( I don't have that broken down per sub-domain.)
400 Meg of Mail space. (squirrel mail)  
Most bandwidth we have used in a month is a bit over 28Gig.  Last years Stats compiled: http://bellsouthpwp.net/C/h/Chief-Plasma/30plusstats.htm

Our forum board is IPB version 2.2.1  
It uses mysql (4.2.12 currently)
and PHP (4.3.9 on an apache 2 handler)
Our forum dB is around 250 meg.

We also host the 30plus racing forum which is on it's own dB. Same version.

We have 2 top level domains and 10 Sub domains

FTP I think we have 11 or 12 subdivided sites not really sure how many accounts, at a minimum of one per sub domain but not many more than that.

Current site: http://www.30plus.org


Hi, thanks for the post  :)

I'll take a look around your site tomorrow and let you know what I think we can do for you.



Hi dherrin,

Sorry for the delay - it's been a busy Saturday!

I'd be glad to discuss pricing via PM or email if you like but to do 8gigs of space, it's going to be significantly above any standard packages I offer. 

Your transfer (bandwidth) wouldn't be an issue but storage space on server is one of the biggest limiting factors  so it's not as cheap to upgrade as transfer allotments would be on a similar level.

That being said, you mentioned that you were on a dedicated solution presently?  Moving to a shared environment is certainly different (as I'm sure you're aware) so the amount of resource usage you need would have to be taken into account as well.  I stock my servers based upon resources *and* load to ensure that everyone retains the fastest processing they can.  Depending on what specs your current server is, a shared environment may be slower than you're used to or it may be much faster given the specs I use.

Are you looking to move away from the dedicated server setup or just away from your present host?  Depending on your budget, I would try to stay dedicated or maybe get a VPS account somewhere (I don't offer those) if you're used to that sort of freedom.

We may want to chat more via PM or email if you're interested in discussing this further.