Anyone using (or tried) TrueCrypt?

Started by Jason, November 07, 2008, 10:42:21 AM

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Anyone using TrueCrypt or used it before?

With all the threats nowadays, I think we all need to be running software like this on our machines (especially portable machines) but of course, I don't want to end up locking myself out of my own data at some point.


Mac OSX has that functionality built in called FileVault and yes, on my laptop I use it. It's nice to know that if my laptop is ever stolen my data is protected!


Does that just offer a folder to put stuff in?

I'm considering a full system encryption vs. just a specific folder/partition. 

To clarify, when you said "yes, on my laptop I use it" are you referring to FileVault or TrueCrypt?


Nah, it just protects your home folder. But with OSX, all sensitive data is stored in the home folder, even program settings and licenses. Unless of course you store stuff outside of said folder. So it helps to keep things speedy, because if I recall correctly, if you encrypt program files it slows down the program as it has to decrypt on the fly.

And sorry, I meant I was using FileVault not TrueCrypt.


Gotcha, thanks.

Well, maybe I'll start with a partition and go from there :)


If you have not already tried it, do give it a whirl. I played about with it, just out of curiosity a while back, and it was very quick. I thought it would slow everything up, but it was fine.

I imagine the big potential downside is that it is, effectively, one large file, so one bad bit and you'd loose the lot - that's if I understand it correctly. Like (more than) anything else, you need backups. I think it would make most sense to use it for the most sensitive data, and then just create a copy of the encrypted folder every so often.



I may just usee it for a folder vs. a full partition then just to be safe.  Sounds like doing the full OS may be a bit risky still.