Horribly childesh, yet still funny

Started by Jason, June 08, 2009, 08:31:40 pm

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This was one of the anti-pirating lawyers who recently prosecuted Piratebay.  Anyway, due to lax legal requirements, someone submitted the proper paperwork and actually got his first name legally changed to "Pirate."  :)   Now he has to fight to get his real name back, legally.

I don't condone this by any means but you have to admit it's clever.


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 ;D ;D

Oh Jason, what a hoot.

There was another who changed name..ah..now I remember.

This girl liked the name of our bear Pudsey who represents our 'Children in Need at Christmas.


She changed her name by deed poll. Well, thats fine for Utillity bills. But then she had to change her passport but they would not allow Pudsey, too frivalous  so now as far as I know she has no passport.

Dumplins the pair of them!!!

;D ;D
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