How to create flash animations

Started by Garrett, September 22, 2012, 04:20:35 PM

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As you know, I am opening my own web design company shortly.

And I'm wondering : how can I create flash animations? I know one of my customers is going to request a flash animation on their website, but how do I go about creating a flash animation? Is there any free software out there for creating good flash animations. I tried Powerbullet Free Version (recommended using a Tinkernut video) but it didn't meet my expectations. So I'm on the hunt again.
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For anyone else (I guess Longhorn must be sorted by now)  ;D

But I can highly rec Swish software. Its very close to Flash in what you can do with it.


You can down load it for 30 days and what you create works after the trial is over.

I have Swishmax.


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