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I'm pleased to report that all of our shared servers should now have Softaculous installed.    (If you are a dedicated customer and would like it licensed for your server, let me know and we'll get it setup).

Softaculous is an addon to cPanel that allows for the simple installation of 299 scripts with only a few mouse clicks.  It makes it possible for someone unfamiliar with installing and setting up scripts and/or sites to get something up and running in a matter of minutes.

For those of you familiar with Fantastico, Softaculous is a much more modern product offering MANY more scripts in a better interface and most importantly -- with very frequent updates.  Whereas Fantastico may be versions behind on some scripts, I've noticed that Softaculous pushes out several updates a day so this should keep security solid while providing current features to everyone interested in taking advantage of it.

Given the advantages and security involved, I've removed Fantastico from our servers as a result of this switch.  Anything you've installed over the years using Fantastico should not be impacted however I'd STRONLY urge you to make sure you're running the latest version of whatever it is you installed. 


Incredible amount of apps
Currently Softaculous is offering 299 apps though this is likely to grow.  For an interactive site where you can view this, click here:

Also, the way Softaculous is setup in cPanel, you can browse by category (blogs, forums, galleries, games, etc...) so it's easy to find some things to look at based upon what your needs may be.

Screenshots and Demos
Softaculous also has a demo system built-in so if you're not sure of what something does, you can launch a demo from your cPanel without having to install it to your account to test.  You can view screenshots from the same location as well.

Rating and Review System:
Right from within your cPanel, if you open a script you can view its rating score.  You can also read reviews of the script from actual users or post your own.  This allows Softaculous to not only install scripts but to act as a system for reviewing and scoring them based on feedback from actual users across the globe. 

If you have any questions, please post them here. 

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Softaculous has released a new version.   Many of the updates were admin features but here are a couple highlights:

We are proud to have 300 Apps in our library.

Added Auto Upgrade feature : Now users can choose to auto upgrade to the latest version of a script as soon as it is available. Admin can also control the list of scripts which can be auto upgraded. (Note : This feature is available for selected scripts at the moment.)

In case of scripts with multiple branches, all available versions will be displayed on the script overview page.
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