Domain price changes - August 31, 2013

Started by Jason, September 21, 2013, 04:33:13 pm

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As of August 31, 2013, there was a global price increase impacting some domain tlds --

.org -- Price increase of 0.58 cents
.biz = Price increase of 0.78 cents
.info = Price increase of 0.78 cents

.com = Price decrease of 0.02 cents
.net = Price decrease of 0.02 cents

Note - these changes are universal to all registrars maintaining these domains and not something Charlottezweb can control.

Charlottezweb will not be changing any of our pricing EXCEPT for .biz and .info.  Our volume of .biz/.info is very small and to ensure we don't lose money on these, I've adjusted our pricing to $11 (from $10 previously) to account for the change. 

We have a lot of .org customers and at this time, I have chosen to lose money on those domain registrations/renewals in support of our customers.

No other pricing will be adjusted at this time.




Charlottezweb is a great host, i am super happy here and i am a .org customer im happy to pay the extra on renewal of my domain name, not something you need to wear *S*


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