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A quick notice to those of you unaware -

cPanel released a new theme earlier this year that should be accessible on most of our servers.  If you don't see it available and want to try it out, please open a ticket or shoot me an email.

It's a clean, modern look.

From cPanel:
Initially, our emphasis has been on immediate changes that provide a large amount of benefit. For a product with an incredible amount of depth and complexity, one of the first things we decided to do was adopt Twitter Bootstrap 3 as our standard UI kit and solid base for future work. With Twitter Bootstrap, one of the most common UI kits utilized by web professionals today, we hope that web developers and designers will be able to crack open the code and easily create beautiful, new themes.

Next, we began identifying and reusing elements across more of the user interface to increase consistency throughout the project. Consistency helps users to quickly become familiar with using their cPanel account. Once a user learns one feature with a consistent layout, the next feature becomes that much simpler to navigate.

After we establish a sound foundation to build on, even more dramatic changes will take place that will separate Paper Lantern from it’s X3 roots. We have many, many more ideas in mind for Paper Lantern—11.42 is only the beginning.


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