PostLayer Spam Filtering conversion to FuseMail -- July 2017

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The following post is being sent to customers tonight who use our advanced spam filtering add-on service provided by PostLayer:

Greetings from Charlottezweb!
Youíre receiving this email as a customer who is using the Postlayer spam filtering service that we configured for your domain.
By now, youíve likely received some emails from them around the conversion of their service to FuseMail, supported by Excel Micro.  
If not, hereís a quick summary:  PostLayer (the service you were/are using through Charlottezweb), was acquired a month or so back by a service called FuseMail.  FuseMail  (in North America) is managed by a company called Excel Micro.  You may have received emails directly from Excel Micro or FuseMail.  If not, Iíll give you a summary of whatís going on.
Essentially, PostLayer was aquired and FuseMail has been in the process of migrating PostLayer customers to their platform.
I ran into a few issues during conversion but I now have access to manage things on the new platform.  I will share more details in the next week or so as I learn more.
For now, you may notice that youíre starting to receive quarantine notifications from the address:
This is a legitimate email from FuseMail that youíll want to review for any emails that you want to release.  This is their version of the quarantine alerts you receive from PostLayer.   Iím hoping I can customize these emails a bit but for now, please make sure your mail client is set to accept them.
At some point in the near future, the PostLayer emails will cease.
A few side comments:  
Iíve heard good things on FuseMail but need to do research.  I would *truly* appreciate your feedback in the coming days/weeks on what your experience is with spam.  In other words, does the new solution work as well (if not better) than the old one?  Is it worse?  Any concerns?  EtcÖ
Iím a reseller with their offering as of now and they also offer Proofpoint (which is what I have setup on my email).  Itís more expensive than PostLayer/FuseMail but works incredibly for me.  
I will continue to explore this platform to decide if this is our forward-model.
Your questions and feedback are most welcomed!

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