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Below are testimonials from Charlottezweb customers.  

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In my 25 years of web development I have worked with every major player in the hosting field, and none has ever come close to the quality of service I get from Jason at Charlottezweb. In the 10 years since we moved our hosting here in September of 2009, we’ve experienced near perfect uptime, proactive communication, and prompt, generous, friendly responses to every single support request. We currently host 24 sites with Charlottezweb. I will never use another hosting service for my sites or those of my clients

Joel and Sue Canfield

It will come as no surprise given the other amazing reviews but I’ve been working with for 15+ years … and the experience has been amazing. Top-notch, incredibly responsive service with an affordable fee structure for my growing businesses. The owner, Jason, supports well beyond the scope of any other web services platform I’ve worked with in the past. Highly recommend Charlottezweb to anyone!

Jemal Swoboda

I’ve worked with Charlottezweb for more than a dozen years. The company has been the web service provider for my own company for almost 10 years. Cannot say enough positive things about their reliability and customer service. Problems occur rarely and the response is always prompt and gracious.

Marcia Sutter
Minding Your Business


Jason is promptly responsive on every question I’ve ever asked, and is clear on explaining technical issues related to my site. My site has very rarely had problems, and when it has, they have been resolved without any further trouble. Good people, good company.

Tom Bentley
The Write Word

I have been a long time customer of Charlottezweb and have nothing but the utmost respect for the company and for Jason. The uptime is astounding, support is top notch and best of all the communication is great. I moved to Charlottezweb from another host long ago but I have to say that it was the best thing I’ve done for my sites. Really a great company and I’m very appreciative of that. Thank you.

Eryc E.

I simply couldn’t imagine a better host. I thank my luck (5) stars that I somehow discovered Jason and Charlottezweb.

Sam W.
Pretty Good Britain

I’ve used Charlottezweb for years and have not had a single problem. As a website designer, I’ve recommended Charlottezweb to my clients and they, too, have not had any issues. Jason is very knowledgeable and quick to respond to any questions or concerns you may have. I would highly recommend Charlottezweb to anyone looking for affordable yet reliable web hosting services. I would not use anybody else.

Garrett F.
Garret Fuller

I’ve been with Charlottezweb since 2007. They are still my ‘Go To’ host. Enough said.

Andy K.

Jason is amazing. My system was hacked and I was unable to log in to my own website. Within minutes of contacting him, he had resolved the issue and I was back up and running. Charlottezweb has hosted my website for 4 years and this responsiveness is the norm. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Abigail W.