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What is a forum? What is SMF?

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Ever thought of hosting an online forum?
What is SMF?

Forums have been popular for well over 20 years online as a way of like-minded people to communicate and share online. Social media has changed this landscape in recent years but there are LOTS of forums that are still thriving, especially as more and more of us are online lately.

What is a forum?
– This is a complex question but simplified, a forum is where people register and post questions, comments, etc. You can see an example by visiting our forum here:

– There are numerous forum platforms available that are both free (open-source) or paid (commercial).

Charlottezweb can support both and is forum agnostic.

That said — I’m a HUGE FAN and supporter of of Simple Machines (“SMF“)

Quite a few of my original customers joined Charlottezweb to host their SMF forums. I’ve been using this software since the YaBB SE days (established 2001) which led to (SMF) which formed as a splinter/fork project in 2003.  I was the 36th person to register on the new site there which currently has 640,000 users as of the time of me writing this. I’m no expert but have been hosting and tweaking SMF forums for over 15 years.

You can view my profile here:  Charlottezweb
You can view Charlottezweb feedback here (requires SMF login)Charlottezweb reviews on SMF

Softaculous is the script installer that we have available within cPanel.  (Read more about Softaculous here).  It allows you to install software packages in just a few easy clicks.  If you have custom needs, we’d love to help as well.

Let me know how I can help!