Forum and website changes coming soon!

Started by Jason, November 24, 2016, 10:11:59 pm

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As much as I've loved our Charlottezweb theme I customized (based on a Dziner Studio theme) about 7 years ago, it's no longer fully compatible with new versions of SMF. 

As such, I've installed a new theme I'm working on customizing now.

Meanwhile, I'm switching everyone to our Holiday Theme for the next month or so.  When I have the new theme ready, I'll make it available to switch everyone to.

Additionally, I'm installing some new mods that will allow you to login/register using Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc to make it easier to use our forums without setting up additional logins.

I'm also installing a mod to make the editor on the forum much more advanced when it comes to formatting. 

Stay tuned and thank you for your patience!  I plan on redoing much of Charlottezweb in the next several months.  :)




Social logins are now enabled for the forum.  When new members register or you attempt to login, you should now have the option to use your existing social media accounts to connect/integrate.  This will make things much easier for customers who don't wish to manage separate logins.

I've integrated connections tonight for:  Google, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Microsoft and Twitter.

Please let me know if you have any questions/feedback.  Thank you!